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The New Alphabet

It has to start somewhere and it starts here – the old Alphabet has to go! Everything is different – A no longer has the value of 1! Take a look at your phone and you’ll see what I mean, ABC is given the value of 2, DEF the value of 3, GHI4 and so on. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at any keypad and you’ll see what I mean. Now, in the 21st Century the revolution begins changing the face of Numerology forever. Read what I have to say, experiment with these techniques and you’ll be surprised as to what awaits you.

For years Numerologist’s and all those who ‘dabbled’ with numbers used the Pythagorean Alphabet with A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on, asking you to look at the vowels and consonants in the hope you’ll discover the essence of the real you. There are other alphabets and other systems and all have proved their validity. For years I used the Chaldean Alphabet in all of my previous books and it had no letter ascribed the Number Nine! Now, as we move through the 21st Century: The revolution has begun there’s one alphabet that’s becoming standard, used universally and it changes everything. Where is this new alphabet, I hear you ask? It’s on your telephone!

Names have a meaning all of their own, I’m sure you’ve thought about this and dabbled with Numbers for almost everyone who explores the ‘world’ of Numerology discovers each and every letter of the alphabet has a ‘number’ and by giving the letters in your name a ‘number’ adding these number to arrive at a total (reducing them to a single digit between one and nine) you can deduce what your name reveals about you, well that’s the theory anyway…

What you’re about to read has never been revealed before so take a moment to consider what I’m talking about and you’ll understand what I mean and you’ll come to agree with me that this NEW ALPHABET is the one and the only one we should be using for this NEW AGE. All you have to do is enter your name into your phone (your first name or, the name you’re commonly known by): Add the numbers together until you have a single digit and read below what it all means. Conventional Numerology has always asked to ‘reduce’ numbers to a single digit which was the way it should’ve been when our calendars began with the numeral 1 (as in 1900, 1800, 1700, etc, etc) all the way back to zero. Now, in the 2000’s we have to look at things a little bit differently and with every mobile (cell) phone containing the alphabet above (no letters being given to the numeral one) it’s time we took a different approach.

Even the world-changing event, called 9/11 reduced to a 2! Experiment a little using your given name, your nick name, your formal name or any other name you’re known by and see where the numbers add up.

Look at other alphabets if you will but consider the logic in the Universal Alphabet – every phone on the planet has no letter ascribed to NUMBER ONE! Change your name and you change your life – tell that to any aspiring movie star, if you don’t like your name – change it.

Let’s take a look at what the numbers in a name mean(in your additions you might arrive at a 10 or 19 reducing to a 1. NUMBER ONE hasn’t lost its meaning, only the letters ascribed to it!) If your calculations bring you back to a number one read what it represents and see if the shoe fits…

Let me offer a few examples: OPRAH (using only the first name for the moment for the name conjures up an image) giving the numbers: 67724 (nothing to remember, I simply spelled out the name on my phone, simple, eh!) Adding the numbers together we arrive at 6+7+7+2+4 = 26, adding 2+6=8 giving the name OPRAH the NAME NUMBER of EIGHT. Interestingly, her company is called HARPO (Oprah in reverse – read what this means later). If we include the surname of WINFREY we have the numbers: 9463739: 9+4+6+3+7+3+9 = 41, 4+1 =5 and the entire name becomes a NAME NUMBER FOUR and we know she’s an Aquarian – ruled by Uranus ruled by Number Four…

Another example, for it’s the name you’re most commonly known by that ‘vibrates’ or creates the ‘impression.’ KEVIN RUDD (our former Prime Minister) 538467833 (again, nothing to remember, I simple entered his name into my phone for the numbers to appear) 5+3+8+4+6+7+8+3+3 = 45 reducing it further4+5 =9 giving a NAME NUMBER of NINE. You can do this with any name as long as you remember the basic principle, it’s the name you’re known by that ‘vibrates’ or creates the ‘impression’ This is only one aspect of Numerological Delineation and a good one if you don’t know a person’s birthday, and so many of our celebrities, politicians and those of ‘fame and fortune’ don’t like revealing their date of birth. The secret is out: It’s all in the name…

One more example before we move on: BARACK OBAMA (keeping in mind the controversy over his birthday) giving the numbers: 22722562262: 2+2+7+2+2+5+6+2+2+6+2 =38 =11, 1+1 =2 giving a NAME NUMBER TWO without knowing his date of birth we can deduce something from the name and the name alone, even if we only refer to him by his surname OBAMA = 62262: 6+2+2+6+2 =18, 1+8=9 as the next leader of the USA which name from the meanings given below would you rather have? Of course, any self respecting Numerologist would look at the birth date for further information and any self respecting Astrologer would enquire as to the time and place of birth but for the rest of us, it’s as simple as using the Universal Alphabet (on any phone).

Remembering a few keywords and we have, in a nutshell, a brief idea as to the person we’re interested in, analysing or wanting to know what makes them tick. I’ve always said your NAME NUMBER reveals the Personality, the BIRTH NUMBER your CHARACTER and the ASTROLOGICAL NUMBER/SIGN your SOUL’S purpose. Read the meanings below- have fun and keep uppermost in your mind at all times – we respond or behave according to the name we’re called whether we like it or not, think about it…

NAME NUMBER ONE:You like to be ‘Number One.’ Ambitious, determined to get your own way, arrogant, actor/actress and a little egocentric! Okay, all a bit harsh, you make a good parent, leader, and supervisor (as long as everything is done the way you want). Set your sights high – stop talking and start doing – lead by example. A lover of children, romantic at heart, flirtatious by nature and a fighter for the underdog, creative and inventive, that’s you. Possessing a healthy ego – that needs ‘stroking’ every now and then, you should mange to achieve your goals whatever they may be, as long as you’re focussed. Your birth father was/is a great authority on your life (good or bad) and the males in your life often remind you of him or what he stood/stands for! In the game of life you’ll attract those born in the sign of Leo who’ll impact or influence your journey of in one way or another and if you happen to be born in the sign of Leo or born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month this is your life – live it… NAME NUMBER TWO: Not overly assertive yet, getting your own way nevertheless, always trust in your feelings for they’ll guide you through any turmoil. Your birth mother was/is an important influence and the females you meet in your life will remind you of her and what she stood/stands for. Family and family values are what you’re all about – work on your strengths, be yourself and all will come to fruition. The past often intrudes on the present (as it does for most of us) with your past often haunting you in some way – avoid depression by living in the moment. Your name number is all about listening with your heart, be careful of being manipulated by those who take your kindness as a weakness and use you accordingly. In the game of life you’ll attract those born in the sign of Cancer and if you happen to be born in this sign or on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month, from the year 2000 and the rest of this century it’s yours – go for it…

NAME NUMBER THREE: Mr or Ms Smooth talker, that’s you! You’ll say anything to get your own way – prone to exaggeration and even a few white lies! You love to travel and probably will for there’s a passion for anything foreign and faraway places. The life and soul of the party, a story or joke to tell and an intelligent conversationalist with a love of competition – someone everyone wants to be! Learn to respect the rights and opinion of others for they too have something to say, express yourself with confidence and ‘dress to impress’ (what do they say about first impressions?) Optimistic and enthusiastic, that’s you – just remember, if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it – you will – for you only ever learn from your mistakes! A perfectionist by nature and determined to succeed and after many a failure you will; keep on keeping on and the success you seek will be yours. Those born in the sign of Sagittarius will enter or impact on your life and when they do listen to what they have to say and if you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month this life is right for you…

NAME NUMBER FOUR: In your own quiet determined way you get what you want from life, a rebel by nature and a revolutionary – turning everything and everyone upside down. You’ll become involved in the larger issues of life – humanitarian, a great listener and a solver or solution to problems of the populace. People like you even though they may not fully understand you for you are never what you appear, an excellent teacher and a reliable and trusted friend. Independent by nature, enjoying your own company where you’re often inspired or filled with inspiration (filled with spirit) and wanting to make the world a better place for you know the ills of mankind are self inflicted and seek ways to remedy the situation – making you a great psychologist or psychiatrist. Sensual and sexual in your own right yet, attracting those with ‘baggage’ whom you never cease wanting to help, why oh why does this keep happening to you – attracting those who need reassurance? You inspire others to become the best they can yet often underestimate your own worth, I wonder why? People born in the sign of Aquarius will enter your life and when they do know that a door to your destiny is opening, if born in Aquarius this life you’re living is one of purpose and if born on the 4th 13th 22nd or 31st of any month you’re going to leave your mark on your world…

NAME NUMBER FIVE: You need variety, diversity and change as much as you need air to breath – doing the ‘same old same old’ or being stuck in a rut would be the worst possible scenario for you. A witty conversationalist, a lover of gossip and innuendo, a lover of conspiracy and intrigue – a journalist in the making! Your personal habits can be a little on the obsessive/compulsive side with your personal appearance/image something you ‘struggle’ to maintain/manage. Look after your skin and go easy on the ‘bling /jewellery.’ You need to be seen as someone who knows where they are going (even if you don’t) not wanting to seek assistance from those who’ve ‘been there before.’ In matters of love you’ll shower your partner with gifts, flowers cards, chocolates or, constantly texting or telephoning to know where they are and what they are doing! When life is good it is very, very good, when bad it’s horrid. People born in the signs of Gemini or Virgo will often cross your path (in love and work) and when they do it should tell you it’s time for a change of direction.

If you happen to be born in either of these signs or born on the 5th 14th or 23rd of any month this life you’re living is similar to a previous life – even if you don’t believe in the concept of reincarnation there are many similarities, many déjà vu moments to contend with…

NAME NUMBER SIX: Soft, sensual, sentimental, romantic that’s you or, is it that you’re a sucker for a sob story? In the game of love you’re either a winner or a loser (big time) for you need love and affection more than most – keep in mind the difference between needs and wants. Seen as someone cultured and refined, sophisticated and urbane – there’s another side to you isn’t there that only a lover comes to know? Better being partnered than single, rich than poor, fit and healthy than unfit and ailing all of which you’ll either strive for or experience in life. You can be stubborn, obstinate and unreasonable, not shifting your viewpoint until something better comes along. Material security, money in the bank, a roof over your head, a secure career, a reliable partner and obedient children all come under this name number – in a perfect world that is! People born in the signs Taurus and Libra will enter or impact on your life, for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime and when they do you can rest assured that some form of KARMA is unfolding (even if you don’t believe in the concept). If you happen to be born on the 6th 15th 24th of any and have this name number you’re as solid as a rock, dependable, reliable and steadfast. If you happen to be born in Taurus or Libra to any of the dates mentioned in either sign with name number six, you’re being singled out for a life of meaning, purpose of destiny or, it’ll be so goddamm boring and routine that you’ll do anything to break free, well I did say there was another side to your number didn’t I?

NAME NUMBER SEVEN: Spiritual, philosophical, religious and all things in between that’s you. Wanting to help those who cannot help themselves, the sick and suffering, the weak, frail and those who’ve been ostracized all help to make you the name you are – you care. Possessing reserve upon reserve of compassion, sympathy and tolerance it’s no wonder you’re an easy mark yet, when your back is to the wall you come out fighting and everyone had better watch out – you go for the jugular! Avoid alcohol and drugs with this name number yet, you’ll attract those with dependency on such. Every now and then get away/disappear by yourself, re-charge your batteries for believe it or not, people ‘drain’ you of every reserve you possess and if you’re not careful leave behind an empty shell! Is there anything positive I hear you ask – there is- you’re the salt of the earth, you’re always there for others, you cannot say no and life rewards you in ways you never fully understand or comprehend. People born in the sign of Pisces will, every now and then cross your path as will those born on the 7th 16th 25th of any month and if YOU happen to be born on the 27th March, 16th March of any year with NAME NUMBER SEVEN – Change it…

NAME NUMBER EIGHT: All business that’s you, conservative, conventional and conformist well that’s the first impression anyway. You’re ambitious, hard working, career oriented and strive to better yourself – in doing so you can inspire others to follow the same path. Often misunderstood or misrepresented, often lonely yet, preferring your own company to those who are sycophants and flatterers. The older in years you grow the easier life becomes, in younger years you were more comfortable with those older than yourself. Your grandparents or significant ancestors would’ve played a great importance in determining who you are today. Stop trying to be all things to all people and life will take care of itself, your public image is important so cultivate a persona you are comfortable with for there will be many who’ll attempt to undermine you with your success (whatever it may be) to be the cause of another’s envy. Those born to the sign of Capricorn are likely to enter or impact on your life as will those born on the 8th 17th 26th of any month.

It’s always been my philosophy that when you meet the signs or dates mentioned associated with your Name Number that Fate or Destiny is unfolding, what is Fate or Destiny but Character?

NAME NUMBER NINE: You are a survivor and confident in the game of life – well that’s the first impression! You love to debate, love to argue the point, enjoy being right and will nitpick until you wear your opponent down! A lover of travel, faraway places and adventure often finding yourself in dangerous situations and places where life and limb could be at risk! Having a good opinion of your thoughts there’s only one weakness – procrastination (if you overcome this tendency you’ve learnt one of life’s valuable lessons). Being assertive, self confident and self assured your path is likely to take on a ‘larger than life’ hue every now and then but and here’s the big BUT – you make enemies on the way to your goals and they lay in waiting for the first hint of weakness or vulnerability and then assassinate! Aries and Scorpio people are on the agenda to enter your life at various stages as will those born on the 9th 18th 27th of any month. If you happen to be born in Aries or Scorpio with Name Number Nine your life is in sync. If you are born on the 9th 18th 27th of any month and your name number is nine seriously think about changing or altering it in some way – particularly if born on the 18th of any month…

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