Christain Pleads Guilty In Death Of 2 Year Old Brother Who Then Can Be Saved?

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Who Then Can Be Saved?

Seven Indian states from coast to coast now have anti-conversion laws that seek to contain and persecute Christians. Hindus in India follow in the footsteps of Saul (aka Paul), fulfilling the prophecies of Jesus in Matthew 10.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for My name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. (Matthew 10:16-22)

Christians evangelize fearlessly in India, and all over the world. Some are attacked everyday. Could one of the attackers be transformed into an evangelizing Christian? God accomplished this thousands of years ago with Saul, who persecuted Christians, and He is doing it again.

This is the testimony of Narayan Gowda, former leader of one radical Hindu gang.

“I was taken to Hindutva training camps, where some teachers used to come to teach us. They encouraged us to use violence against anyone who did not subscribe to their ideal of the Hindu nation. As a young man, I attracted the attention of the leadership for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is the fountainhead of all of India’s radical Hindutva groups. We wore a type of uniform to identify ourselves. This was Khaki knickers, a white shirt, and black belt for group leaders and brown for senior leaders. Specially prepared long sticks were carried during parades and ceremonies of support the people gave us.

“We were told by our mentors in the RSS that we could do anything we wanted without any fear at all because, ‘We are behind you.’ Every time we did some ‘brave’ exploits like intimidating or beating up some unarmed Christian preacher or group of Muslims, we were treated like heroes, garlanded, given respect and provided with plenty of liqour to drink. I struggled with guilt because of the terrible things I was doing. I feared the God of the Christians would punish me for my acts against them. I became a heavy drug user. All my personal expenses, including my liquor and drugs, were paid for by the RSS, or through crimes I committed, protected by my ‘political’ associations.

“Once, we walked into a small, poor home with very little furniture and paint peeling on the walls. We saw a middle-aged, thin man sitting on the floor on a red mat eating a dinner of ragi balls and dhal. We walked up to him, shouted curses at him and used sticks to strike him on the head and shoulders. He was a Christian pastor, Brother G.; his wife’s name was Sister E. They used to work in and around Rajengunde and other neighboring villages. He had returned to his home after praying for a sick person. We beat 52-year-old Brother G., tore his clothes and left him to die.

“The gang I led had 14 members of young men from the ages of 20 to 35. We recruited gang members from the poor families who did not have any hope for their economic future. We carried out attacks by first going to a bar and drinking. While the gang got drunk, I would teach them to hate Christians and prepare them to carry out the attacks. The RSS provided the funds for our alcohol. They covered all of our other expenses for executing the attacks. We became tremendously unpopular with the local police officials because they were never able to make any charges stick. They paid me back by subjecting me to severe torture, including immersing my legs in ice while they beat me up. The injuries never showed when they produced me before the magistrate the next day. My family was so fed up with me. My mother was the only one to welcome me or speak to me.

“One day, my RSS mentors showed me a small brick building roofed with asbestos sheets in Yeshwantpur, near Bangalore. This was where a pastor had constructed a place of worship with contributions painstakingly collected from his flock-mostly poor migrant workers living in the surrounding shanty town. They had saved for several years to build this basic facility. I was told to break it down and kill the pastor and his family. My gang and I had often threatened the pastor as he worked among the poor in that place. We chose a dark night and went to this shed. To tear apart the building, we used hammers, pickaxes and other metal tools. We quickly and quietly pried apart the portions of the building using the tools. Then we went to look for the pastor and his family. Providentially, the pastor had sent his family away on a family visit and he, himself, was at an all-night prayer meeting he was conducting elsewhere.

“When he was informed of the demolition of their church, the pastor rushed to the ruins. A police officer met him and urged him to name anyone he suspected. The pastor knew we had done it, but the pastor refused to name us. He gave a statement in writing that he did not charge anyone with the crime, and that he had prayed for their forgiveness. His letter still exists in the files of the police. The police officer begged, pleaded and even threatened, but the pastor was unmoved. The actions of these Christians and those of others we attacked clearly showed me God’s grace and forgiveness in an entirely new way. I saw the same incredible actions of forgiveness from different Christians I attacked. The church decided to get together and pray for the gang, and they began a fasting and prayer meeting immediately. The names of me and the other gang members were circulated to prayer warriors all over the city and many prayed for our salvation.

“My mother, a Hindu, in her own way, had also been praying for a change in my life. She undertook Hindu ceremonies and fasting for this purpose. My mother decided to make what can be considered the ultimate sacrifice for a married Hindu woman. She decided she would offer her mangalsutra as an offering in exchange for having her son changed (mangalsutra is a token of marriage, usually very valuable objects with gold, but considered to have great ritual significance in a Hindu woman’s life). The Hindu spiritual leaders took the mangalsutra and conducted the rituals, but there was no effect. Seeing there was no change, she began to get discouraged and took ill and was rushed to the hospital. While she was in the hospital, the chaplain in the hospital occasionally visited her at her bedside and gave her a book-the New Testament. But she refused to be prayed for, though she asked for prayers for her wayward son. The chaplain asked her what the son’s name was, and she told him my name-Narayan Gowda. He recognized the name, but did not reveal he had been praying for my salvation as part of the prayer and fasting vigil connected with the church I had destroyed. My mother took the New Testament home with her when she was discharged, believing it to be a holy book, and carefully placed it on the bookshelf in the front room.

“A few days later, I went home unexpectedly. Even as I was taking off my shoes by the door, my eyes fell on this strange black book with a cross on it! I yelled for my mother and demanded she explain why she had brought this book home. She rushed up to me and implored I should not show disrespect to the book as it was a holy book. But she, herself, had not read it nor did she have any faith in it, but had a superstitious fear that any harm to the book would bring bad luck. During my visit, I picked up that book and read it a few times. I found a new kind of peace in my heart. I left home a few days later after some good sleep, leaving behind a full drug syringe under my pillow.

“I had not had a proper night’s sleep in a long time. Often, I woke up in the night and took a shot of drugs. I was never far from a syringe at any time. This was the first time in years I had slept soundly and even forgotten about drugs for any length of time! I was profoundly shocked. I could not understand it. I slowly began to go home more often. My mother told me the Bible had been given to her by the people in the hospital. I went to the hospital one day and asked to see the chaplain. I introduced myself as Narayan Gowda, the son of the lady who had received the Bible from him. Upon seeing me, alarm jumped into his eyes. He had heard of my anti-Christian sentiments and thought I had come to pick a quarrel with him! I assured him it was not so and I wanted to learn more about the Bible . But he was not eager to talk to me. He invited me to attend the service in the church at the hospital on Sunday morning.

“On Sunday morning, I left for the church at the hospital compound. It was a new experience and hard to put into words. The whole large gathering sang songs and praised God together; they prayed and worshiped. I sat alone in a corner, overwhelmed with this experience of worship of God by His people, with reverence and order. A message from the Bible was preached, and I began to listen with my whole being. It was strangely fulfilling! A peace stole into my heart that morning. That week I went back to my friends. We were all sitting at a roadside eating house. Drinks were served, but the glass in front of me remained untouched. Suddenly, one of my friends asked, ‘You seem different, silent. And why are you not drinking?’ I replied, ‘I have no desire to drink or smoke. I don’t know why!’ Everybody began to talk of the change in me, how I had become quiet, silent, calm and no longer violent.

“One Sunday morning as I was leaving for church, my mother stopped me with a stern remark, ‘Where do you think you are going? I have been watching you. You seem to spend all your time reading that book and now you have started to go to that church regularly. What is all this?’ I replied, ‘I find it very peaceful and pleasant to attend the church. Why do you not come, too, and see?’ She was furious. After that, things changed for me at home. The same mother who prayed to her gods to change me was not able to accept my changed life. She said I had been brainwashed, that I had lost my mind.

“One afternoon, it was lunchtime, and everyone assembled to eat. She told me to wash my hands. I did and joined the rest of the family. But she said, ‘Not here. Your place is there!’ She had put a plate and glass at the doorway near the entrance. I said, ‘So many people do not have their mothers to cook and serve their meals. I don’t mind, please serve me, I will eat here!’ My mother spat in my face at these words. I said nothing. I quietly wiped her spit from my face and sat down to eat my meal. The neighbors who lived on our street also showed their disapproval of my hobnobbing with the Christians. As I would walk past them, they said loud, critical comments about people who had given up the gods of their ancestors and now prayed to the gods of the outcasts and untouchables. In spite of the persecution, I did not leave home, nor did I go back to my old friends.

“Then one day, I was thrown out of my house and had to take refuge in the homes of Christians. I assisted a pastor with his evangelical work, and he took care of my needs. I was given a small shed to live in. I went to the police station to meet the assistant commissioner of police in my area. The same man had been an inspector of police when I was active as a local tough. As I walked in, he looked up and stood to greet me. I was surprised, but introduced myself as Narayan Gowda. He was shocked. He could not believe I was the same person who had been such a headache to the entire police force of the city! He had, himself, many times given me third degree treatment in his police station and had abused me. He listened with incredulity as I related my life story and made several disclosures about crimes I had committed and asked to be charged for them. He looked at me for a moment. Then he sat down, called for my files, made a note on them, stood up, and walked towards me, adjusting his belt.

I thought he would now take the opportunity to pay me back for the numerous times I had harassed him and caused him trouble, by lashing me. But he came and stood in front of me, laid a hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Mr Narayan Gowda, your Yesu Christu (Jesus Christ) has done what the entire police force and the laws of this country could not do-He has changed you into a law abiding citizen. I have closed the files against you. You are a free man. You can go!’

“Can there be a better example of God’s grace in operation? Hallelujah! “Eventually my pastor also arranged my wedding with a poor but committed Christian girl, and we are blessed with two young children. We serve the Lord as a family, and sometimes I share the same pulpit as the dear pastor whose life and family I had threatened and whose church I had demolished. The joy that fills my life cannot be explained in words as I share my testimony and give the gospel. All praise and glory be to God, who saved me from the darkness and brought me into His marvelous light!”

What else can I add? God gives us His grace, which is something that He gives to us not because we deserve it, but because He loves us and wants what is best for us. No matter what we are up against; God is greater. I love these stories! Our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering, and dying for their faith in Christ. Great is their faith! How could such a change in Narayan take place? By grace through faith! Only God changes the heart. God calls; some of us turn towards Him, and others turn away. I thank God for the faith of believers like Narayan throughout the world. His name be praised and glorified!

Testimony from, A Hindu Fanatic finds Jesus

Copyright © Dave Earley

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