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The Power of Thoughts

Nothing in life is impossible, unless you think it so. Thoughts are remarkable ‘packets’ of energy and if you tenaciously cling to a certain thought with the dynamic willpower, there is no reason why this thought cannot manifest according to the blueprint you have created.

Earlier I briefly mentioned by explaining how a person interested in art can step up his/her abilities to excel in life. I shall now use the same example to illustrate the power of thought. An artist develops an idea of creating a painting or a drawing of a beautiful landscape.

The thought process initiates a series of ideas and the artist subsequently uses these ideas to produce the skeleton work, which allows him/her to eventually complete the final work of art according to the mental blueprint created initially. A mere thought process allows the artist to create the masterpiece!

This creation is in itself a scientific principal based on the Universal Law Of Creation. It is the source from which everything manifests. It is in us all, and it can certainly be tapped if you are just willing to give it a go. The secret is not really a secret, but it is a treasure trove within each and every one of us and we have the right to use it most efficaciously.

Is it not true that when you see someone so very happy and elated, your mind gets caught up with the cheer and you discover that there is a smile on your face?

The thoughts are so closely interweaved with the mind. If the thoughts are calm the mind is calm. In any aspect of life, be it starting a business, getting your first job or getting married, the relationship of mind and thought is foremost.

Systematically, therefore we must train and discipline the mind for right thinking and diligent activity, and thus have correct understanding of what you really want in life, and how this will add to the effectual dynamism in your quest and what you ultimately seek – your path to success and wealth will become gracious, meaningful and attainable!

People with certain qualities are almost magnetically attracted, and such qualities are called positive qualities. These qualities are present in all of us, but they are not invoked or clearly understood. We know what love, kindness, courage and joy mean, these are noble virtues, and we also recognize them as qualities we admire in others.

Despite knowing this, when we act we act compromising ideals. The reason behind this is that we are never true to our own selves – we are constantly acting and putting up a ‘show’ to please everyone around us, but ourselves! It is painful, demoralizing and quite agonizing not to be your true self.

You may exclaim in disbelief, and sat what has this got to do with wealth and prosperity? I acknowledge your concern, but I humbly request that you take a moment or two, and in the silence of the night ruminate over this point deeply. I would like you then to implement what I mentioned above by being yourself.

Notice the changes that occur with the passage of time, and what you will truly discover is that when one can bring out into expression the fragrance of one’s innate positive qualities or characteristics (of who you really are), then not only people but all the things that you have ever desired or wished for will come to you.

“As the thought, so the mind.”

In order to fulfill your set goals and your dreams, it is necessary to practice what the article outlines.

The habitual inclination of our thought patterns is ultimately the deciding factor, which determines our abilities, talents and our personal characteristics. Based on this critical and vital piece of knowledge, one assumes that those lucky few have been born with the special talent you lack and fervently desire to have.

To a large extent this is true, but it has to be said that no one is born a millionaire – full stop! The valuable information lies in the art of cultivating the pattern that brings success. We are what we think we are.

It is true when Masters say that, “Your Thoughts create the environment”.

o Thoughts develop personality

o Thoughts promote health

o Thoughts influence the body

o Thoughts can change and shape the future (destiny)

o Thoughts bring forth creation

o Thoughts influence the physiology and psychology of people

o Thoughts can bring success

o Thoughts can even heal the body

Watch your thoughts constantly. Your experiences and the environment have their ‘seat’ in thoughts.

Your suggestion, and autosuggestions via meditation and visualization techniques must be stronger than the ‘thoughts, and when your actions uplift you, know that you have understood the art of controlling your thought processes.

You can accomplish anything through the power of thought. Visualization uses your imagination to allow yourself to ‘picture’ your success or achieving your earnest goal.

Your mental thoughts or vibrations are incredibly powerful, because the mind has a tangible connection with your thoughts and your actions. Your thoughts are subtle energies and have a strong connection to our consciousness.

Therefore, constant nourishment of positive thoughts via visualization, yoga and meditation will bring harmony, happiness, health and wealth!

Factors That Bring Inertia

First and foremost is to introspect, and this literally means that you take stock of your traits and habits.

Often, lack of self-analysis is the cause of our short fall, and it is the lack of definite, undivided effort and attention that stands in your way to progress and achievement of your desired goal.

Introspection therefore means reassessment of our mental ‘block’ and diagnosing deficiencies by weeding out negative tendencies in the form of habits, indecisiveness, fear, lack of confidence and so on – what we often term as failures.

It is time to reenergize so that by uprooting all these negativities from your life the true happiness with the zeal to progress becomes prominent and firmly rooted.

The greatest enemy that stops us from advancing in life other than apathy, lack of confidence and inferiority complex is FEAR. Fear will literally stop us from moving forward – in fact we will not even fulfill our very aim to succeed. The best way to combat fear is to practice deep breathing exercises, and every night mentally affirm that you are under the protection of the supreme personality of godhead, and energize your thoughts with positive feelings.

Consciously uproot the seeds of fear from within by forceful concentration upon courage, and shift your awareness to a level that allows you to fully appreciate that you are beyond any type or kind of hurting. Fear comes from the heart, so fill your heart with LOVE, and when you feel agitated relax, calm down and breathe rhythmically, relaxing with each exhalation.

Of course there is yet another problem, which I believe, is the major cause of frustration and subsequently dampening our ability to excel in life. It is, what I call ‘desirous of results without the will to put in the effort’. I have personally failed because of such a negative outlook – and I am the first one to admit this openly.

Now this is where the point I made above becomes clearer. Failure, sorrow, illness and inadequacies are natural eventualities when the Law of Nature is broken.

Transgression and violation of the eternal Law of nature brings misery. As human beings we have the abilities to shape, correct and change our lives, goals and destiny.

The greatest impediment that you will ever meet in your life is your immediate environment. If anything you will have to change that – you may have noticed that I started this article sounding slightly cynical and somewhat over cautious, much less a little negative – the prime reason for this will now become apparent.

The environment that I just mentioned can be defined into two, namely the inner and the outer. It is these two fields of environment that you will have to watch out for.

All your experiences come from your mind stuff – or the inner environment (thoughts). What you perceive through all your senses from the outside will equally shape your future.

Thus the important point here is to keep watch over your thoughts. My suggestion to you is to beware of your inner environment more so than your outer environment. For example you may have stumbled upon a great home business opportunity that is potentially superb and just right for you in every aspect.

You are happy, and quite willing to give it a go…yet in retrospect something about this business ‘stops’ you from going ahead with it. There may be several reasons for this, but I am very curious to learn the major reason. Rest assured it cannot be the money (because it is within your budget), nor can it be a hype (because it has apparently worked for thousands with testimonials to confirm).

So what is it I wonder? Think about this point, and you will no doubt come to a favorable conclusion…and surprisingly it is, the mind stuff – the perpetrator.

To succeed in life you will have to begin by correcting your thought patterns, because it is the company of your thoughts and the affinity you have for them that will determine your fate.

“Thoughts express through the physical body.”

The Risk Factor

Without digressing from the subject matter, I would like to remind you what I mentioned in the early stages of the article regarding the dualistic nature of life.

Why is it that some people are so lucky and yet others fall behind in the struggle to succeed?

To answer this conclusively it is worth noting that in general majority of people have the notion that affluent people have something special which they obviously lack – This is not true as we all know, however what makes one person richer than the other is largely dependent on the choice or the decision taken, coupled with the risk(s) acknowledged through the greater understanding of the power of discrimination, and the ability to weigh and balance the scales of your intuitive faculty.

Now the risk that you take has got to be one based on the understanding that the venture you have decided to pursue has been researched thoroughly. You only embark upon taking a driving test for example once you feel that you are proficient enough to pass it and not otherwise.

Thus, the risk that you undertake in this regard has got to be what I call an informed risk. In other words, it is one where you have confidence on what you are getting yourself into, and this too is based on information source that you have searched well.

The fact that you are now reading this report is to gain the understanding on how to achieve financial success – thus this report is in a way your research tool to enable you to then implement the techniques and the tips outlined to achieve the goal. The action taken has therefore come directly from a source that can be considered authentic, valuable and genuine.

Once you feel confident to take the driving test with the guidance of the driving instructor of course, you decide to take the driving test – this is the perfect way to ensure success. I wish to redress a point made previously and it is about learning.

You must be willing to learn constantly, because to gain any skill, knowledge and power, you must be prepared to LEARN.

Commitment is the vital force which you should very much get used to from the very onset. Remember that there are certain situations that you may not have direct control to bring any foreseeable changes, which may result in much heartache.

However, this need not ever be the case because what really matters is the mechanism or the manner in which you control the situation and ultimately how well you react to it.

The trouble with us is that we tend to live in the past and in the future at the same time. When our mental faculty becomes over burdened we become discouraged.

The load is too heavy for the mind, so we must restrict the load. When we have too much to do at one time, we should at once stop our activities. The clock ticks on at a regular pace, it cannot tick twenty four hours away in 60 seconds, nor can you do in one hour what you can do most effectively in twenty four hours. Live for the now, and the ‘future’ will take care of itself.

Do not be greedy and above all do not burn yourself out by ‘wanting’ to become a millionaire!

The tables have turned around, more and more people are resorting to a simple back to basics lifestyle – without so many luxuries and fewer worries.

The dualistic concept of nature is prevalent everywhere – you cannot prosper if you write out cheques without having credible funds or credit (deposit) in your bank account, sooner or later you will run out of money.

Without peace of mind, the likely hood of running out of ‘steam’, happiness, calmness and strength you will become ‘bankrupt’ mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. What a pity it will have all been to come to a point of utter desolation!

This is when you must dwell on the power within, and mentally affirm your purpose in life; you may want to go through some pleasant experience so that you forget your worries completely. The point is do not take anything too seriously, enjoy what you have and be happy with what is your due.

What You Must Avoid

It is natural that when the unforeseen happens we are far more likely to react in a negative way. However this need not be so, the article reveals ways to achieve your goal harmoniously and diligently.

The following are some pointers that will be most helpful:

1. When things go wrong do not overreact. Think positively and calmly.

2. Do not be over judgmental, and over critical.

3. Try not to ignore a bad situation, beware of the comfort zone.

4. Wisdom and strength alone can help you overcome much of life’s imminent problems.

5. Tackle problems head on.

6. Avoid greed and conceit of any kind.

There is a business ethics and a businessman should practice this ethics. Those who are strictly honest and truthful will flourish in business. Let us once again consider art as an example to highlight what has been discussed thus far. As we all know we have innate powers – within each and everyone of us lies the storehouse of latent energy bursting to be ‘awakened’.

Let us assume that you have the creative power, and that being an artist for example you can virtually paint and draw any subject or theme.

Fair enough, it is obvious that you have considerable talent as not all artists have this ability. Since you are aware of this, you may assume that because your artwork is good it has good potential to be sold. True, but let us consider all factors that need to be taken into account a step at a time.

1. You may be a very good artist, but if your work does not get noticed and appreciated, it is of no real benefit. It is important therefore that your work gets noticed (through maximum exposure) and the way to do this is get your name established.

This requires that you contact the right sources and approach artists who have been through the ‘same’ learning curve as it were to reach the path of prosperity. You must take into consideration competition that may exist in your chosen field. You must prepare a good foundation – this can be done using the information within this article.

2. Your artwork may be exceptionally beautiful, but without understanding the dynamics of the market place your work may not blossom.

3. From your personal perspective your work may seem to have great potential. However, it is relevant to appreciate the views of the general public – in other words your potential buyers.

Do not get into the rut that most do, “hearing what we want to hear” this is a type of preconditioning that can bring untold misery.

4. You must look into other areas to develop your potential. Expand on subject category/theme, use of various different types of media (e.g. acrylics, oils. Mixed media etc.), deciding on how to promote your work, you may even want to sell originals or reproduce prints perhaps… The possibilities are endless, the question is how determined you are in your quest to succeed.

The psychology of success depends on number of factors, but the one I believe that is most vital is self-belief. Most people never get the first stage of success because they lack this characteristic, which is essential.

Such conditioning often stems from your personal experiences, but the causative factor is environment, which has already been discussed. Though it is good to be cautious about anything that you do in life, it is equally essential that you do not get tangled into the technicalities of the ‘process’, but rather focus on the benefits and the ultimate reward that it yields.

Dedicate your goal to achieving success by implementing the five cardinal words beginning with the letter D to your success, namely Devotion, Discrimination, Discipline, Determination and Duty.

There is no harm in raising questions regarding proposals that come your way or even business opportunities you intend pursuing. So long as these questions afford all the answers and that you decide to follow through considering all the factors, then it is all well and good.

However, when your questions defeat the very purpose of your inquiry then it becomes a ‘vicious cycle’.

Why, what, where, when, who are words that we often use to ascertain information about everything in life including business ventures – thus giving rise to questions.

The question with the word why is a necessity for it will help us draw a perfect conclusion and help us overcome doubts. The problem with this is that if you are not clear about your goal(s), then the very question why you wish to even pursue the venture becomes meaningless.

What you must consider are probable long-term goals, benefits and how your first step to wealth and success will enable you to enjoy greater heights.

The Inevitable Mistakes

As human beings we are very restless – we often become overwhelmed with joy, success or gratification. It is so very important to maintain your calm during such events, because excitement can lead to problems, of which one is over spending.

That said, it is also quite important to realize that success may just ‘knock’ you back, in that you may become complacent and ‘decide’ not to do much, because you ‘have it all’.

This is a terrible phase that you could ever possibly get into, and one you must consciously be aware of at all times. However, the one thing that you must beware of is the ego complex – do not let your ego become an impediment in your endeavor to attain wealth.

The best medicine to avoid ego is to conserve energy. The energy that has been generated and conserved, unless it is directed into the right channels, it will be catastrophic.

We must control our urges, and this is where the art of practicing balance in life becomes an essential tool to your success. Idle talk is one single factor that can destroy your desire to succeed.

Remember, that people around you and the company you have will determine your future success

– you may waste precious time, but those around you will make it even worse, they will contribute to overall wastage of your own time.

Thus as the saying goes, ‘like attracts like’ should be the maxim, and above all use your common sense all the time, and only do that which produces positive results.

Being systematic too will help avoid confusion and annoyances, which can both, have an adverse effect in your business venture and goals. Do not take on board work that may set you back.

Try to evaluate the situation, paying much importance on priorities – do not procrastinate, do not waste time and most of all do not waste your precious energy. If you act thoughtfully then time will be managed most efficiently.

If words, deeds, thoughts and actions are good then life will be good, and each moment will bring success and ‘time’ taken to achieve the coveted goal will be…well your guess is as good as mine.

“Mind is the cause for bondage and freedom.”

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