Does 4 1 2 Month Old Fetus Have A Tail Impotence, Infertility, and Sterility (Part 2)

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Impotence, Infertility, and Sterility (Part 2)

Excessive ejaculation is very detrimental to overall optimal male health. Sperm contains the elixir of life (vitality) and constant loss of this special elixir causes a man to age prematurely. His hair thins, becomes bald and gray, his teeth begin to fall out, his hearing and sight deteriorate, he is constantly tired or feels lethargic, and prone to many diseases that demand his health.

Celibacy or temporary periods of sexual (or ejaculatory) fasting allow the spark plugs of the genitalia to recharge (rejuvenate and revitalize), in addition to allowing sperm count and production to increase. Celibacy is also guaranteed to help recover from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), which is the number one cause of chronic degeneration of the male sex gland and reproductive system. Chronic sores, bumps, blisters, inflammation, discharges and eruptions weaken the physical makeup of the male (and female) sex glands or organs and entire reproductive system and are heavily involved in sterility and infertility.

Most STDs are contracted from recreational sex. God, Biblically speaking, instructed us to have “procreative” sex, but as hypocrites (to God) and loyal devils of the Adversary and his Matrix, we love to pursue and engage in recreational sex. Recreational sex is a “wreck creational” and that’s exactly what we are and stupidly do – WRECK God’s creation, especially when you women and girls get pregnant and run to the butcher shop and have an abortion (infanticide) that many of us men is the cause (and financiers). I will cover miscarriages and abortions in detail in a future article. However, you pay a hidden price for these government sanctioned acts of legalized murder euphemistically called “abortion”, which I will pull your coat tails on (reveal, enlighten).

The Matrix of the Adversary keeps us ignorant and unaware of our lower nature and manipulates us through the imbalances of our lower charkas, especially the root chakra (located at the genitals) and the sacral chakra (located below the belly). Why do you think it is high fashion today for women to wear shirts (blouses) that reveal their bellies? I am by no means telling any woman to stop wearing blouses or even the most revealing clothes. Djehuty is for freedom, liberation and choice. You do what you want to do. I’m just asking “do you know why you do what you do?” Do you know the science behind your fashions, styles and habits? Do you know why you are piercing your belly buttons today? Do you know what the metals (gold, silver) do to your energy (including your sexual energy) and your sacral chakra? I’m simply asking a question!

As with Author Stewart A. Swerdlow, blatant sexuality is all around us, from fashion to media to everyday speech. This sexiness is a deep, bright red that basically pulls in your sex sharks and opens them up. Using color, tone and archetype (or symbol), these sex chakras are systematically opened, nourished and energized, expanding them out of proportion until they dominate you. Then you are controlled and manipulated by these chakras.” But when certain people like me suggest the use of the earth crystals and gems, which are naturally red in color and substance, which balances and protects the sex chakras, I am called a diviner or practitioner of divination, occultist, etc.

Your religious leaders and institutions and the public foolishness (school) system have failed to teach you the metaphysics and metaphysical aspects of life that the Adversary is using against you. Do you deny the sexual perversion, decadence, immorality (fornication and adultery) that occurs in your religious institution or environments, even among the officials and leaders? Why do you think sex is so out of control today, but at the same time it is used to control society (fear of contracting AIDS or STDs, fear of getting pregnant, etc.)?

Sex is linked to fear and fear is the greatest weapon of control over the masses today. But moving along with our theme…

Healing Impotence

To combat or reverse impotence, eat a more vegan-vegetarian diet and/or consume only scant amounts of meat (white meat only). Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, raw and organic fruits, lots of seeds and nuts (think, a man’s sperm is often known as a “seed” ie “planting a seed in a woman”; and ejaculation is usually called a “nut” or “nut”, ie crack a nut). The best seeds for humans to eat are pumpkin seeds (papitas) and sunflower seeds because of their rich zinc content. The male prostate gland is primarily made up of zinc and with every ejaculation, a man loses vital zinc.

There are a host of male specific hormonal herbs that are very helpful in curing impotence and degeneration of the male organ and reproductive system. Yohimbe bark, a powerful African aphrodisiac herb, greatly helps to combat impotence with its power to increase and improve blood flow to the penis, greatly improving the girth and penile erection time. Lycii berry invigorates the blood and can help increase sperm count and reproductive secretions. Epimedium (Horny Goat herb), a powerful Chinese herb, counteracts premature ejaculation and improves circulation to the penis through its action of dilating the capillaries and larger blood vessels (just like Yohimbe). They don’t call this weed Horny Goat weed for nothing. Epimedium has an effect that makes a man (and woman) horny and lustful like a goat. Muira Puama, a South American herb commonly known as “power wood”, is probably the best herb to counter im(power). It has a libido-enhancing effect and greatly supports organ regeneration.

Ashwagandha, a powerful Indian or Ayurvedic herb, promotes genital health and regeneration and also has a libido enhancing effect. Damiana, a Mexican aphrodisiac herb, greatly improves circulation to the penis and invigorates the penis. Sarsaparilla nourishes the male sexual gland and system and helps a lot in reversing conditions of impotence and degeneration. I could never forget Stiffcock Strongback. The name says it all for this West Caribbean herb! It is excellent for a stiff “cock” (penis) in cases of impotence and also strengthens the back, which is degenerated by too much hump. Have you ever wanted to know why a man is said to “sow his oats” when it comes to having sex with a woman? This saying refers to the grass Oats or Oat straw. Goats are very sexual and lustful creatures, and what do goats eat in America? Oat straw (grass)! Oatstraw is great for improving the male reproductive system.

From time to time (every 4-6 months), I make a tea with all the above herbs and some other herbs not mentioned, for maintenance of my reproductive system (and one day is all I need). It actually takes control over your body and you have almost no control over your sexual organ. The penis does have a mind of its own. God’s herbs are far more effective than man’s pharmaceutical drugs (Cialis and Viagra).

I came up with an herbal compound that we sell at DHERBS called Jackrabbit to serve as a safer and healthier alternative to these harmful pharmaceutical enhancement drugs. If you really want to conceive a child or just improve your sex life, start munching on these herbs and herbal mixtures (Jackrabbit, Male Hormone Formula, Prostate Formula). Your impotence will disappear in a few days. You will become a hound and a lusty goat, hopefully under the right circumstances (like being in a monogamous relationship or married). You will read the Song of Solomon in the Bible and get excited about all its sexual allusions.

After all, God made the herbs for man’s service (Psalms 104:14) and taught man to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28). Now if God instructed us to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and today we cannot do that because we are powerless as men (and sterile or barren as women), what does that imply? Somewhere along the line we strayed from God’s way and ordered a way of life for ourselves. The proof is in the pudding! Our sexual disorders prevent us from adhering to God’s commandment. Could our modern-day high meat, dairy and starch-filled diets and fast-paced and technology-based lifestyles have anything to do with this?

It is interesting that after God instructed man and woman to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth in Genesis 1:28, God comes behind this with a prescribed diet for man and woman in Genesis 1:29, which is a fruitarian (fruit-based ) diet:

“And God said: Behold, I have given you every herb that sows seed, which is on the surface of the whole earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree that sows seed; it shall be food for you.”

Now if God instructed us to eat fruits that contain seeds, how come we eat seedless fruits today, such as seedless watermelons, seedless grapes, seedless oranges, etc.? Again, we speak and confess God, but we are the most loyal devils of the Devil or Adversary and are too blind and self-righteous to know it, but are perplexed by our modern pathologies and disorders. I truly understand how the devil came to God, walking among the children of God, without the children of God having any idea that the devil is with them:

“Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them.” JOB 1:6

So returning to our Genesis-based fruit-based diet, the terms “fruit-bearing” and “seed” refer to sexual reproduction. Does man not have a “seed”? Isn’t a woman “fruitful”? The term “infertility” comes from the Latin word infertilis, meaning “not fruitful”. [in “not” and fertilis “fruitful”]. A woman who is not fruitful is said to be infertile, which brings us to the subject of female infertility.

What is infertility?

Infertility (or infertile) is defined as: “The inability to produce offspring. This condition can be present in one or both sexual partners and can be temporary and reversible. The cause can be physical, including immature sexual organs, anomalies of the reproductive system. , hormonal imbalance, and dysfunction or abnormalities in other organ systems, or may result from psychological or emotional problems. The condition is classified as primary, in which pregnancy has never occurred, and secondary, when one or more pregnancies have occurred.” SOURCE: Mosby’s Dictionary, 3rd Edition (1990)

Eat lots of artichokes and asparagus (steam them). Eat a lot of pomegranates, berries (raspberries, Lycii, vitex or chaste tree, blueberries, Goji, etc.). Eat lots of sunflower and pumpkin seeds (womb food). These are your fertility enhancing foods.

Women, do you know how to bless your bellies? Do you know how to prevent the psychic attacks on your uterus?

Your womb is a potential internal nursery for Rosemary’s Baby, meaning your womb is being used to produce a baby for the Devil (Opponent, Matrix). In the film “Rosemary’s Baby” (1966) by Roman Polanski, actress Mia Farrow unsuspectingly and unknowingly carried a baby for the Devil. These killers, serial killers, drive-by shooters, cut and born killers, where did they come from? Answer: from the womb of a woman!

Cure for Infertility (Frigidity)


The following essential oils can be burned in a diffuser, added to bath water, or inhaled throughout to help improve fertility: SAGE, JASMINE, YLANG YLAND COMBAVA, ROSE ABSOLUTE, and TUBE ROSE.


Formulas that will help and assist with impotence and infertility include: JACKRABBIT, FEMALE HORMONAL, MALE HORMONAL, YONI, STD-RID, AND PROSTATE.

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