How Much Soda To A 2 Day Old Baby Eat Sugar Lovers Beware

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Sugar Lovers Beware

It would be fair to assume that almost everyone on the planet loves sugar and sweet foods. Processed sugar is in many products and is a key ingredient in baking. Everyone seems to have a sweet tooth in one way or another. Most people know that they need to limit their intake of processed sugar, but what most people don’t know is that sugar is one of the worst ingredients you put into your body. The chemical reaction of sugar in the body acts like a poison. Studies show that sugar has drug-like effects on the body.

Processed sugar has many harmful effects on the entire body and can cause major imbalances in organ systems. It could be said that sugar tends to disrupt the homeostatic balance of the whole body by multiplying the production of adrenaline. Sugar basically stimulates the nervous system by triggering the flight or fight response.

This is clearly not a healthy process. This intense reaction of the body increases the production of cortisone, which suppresses immune function and can lead to other health disorders.

Daily intake of sugar leads to many other imbalances and disorders of body processes. High sugar consumption leads to overacidification of the body and subsequently causes the body to withdraw nutrients from its stores to balance this effect. This can eventually cause the body to take calcium from the bones and teeth, as calcium is the primary mineral used to neutralize high acid in the cells. Osteoporosis and arthritic conditions can result from this ongoing process.

Sugar and its link to weight gain

Excessive sugar consumption will eventually affect every organ in the body. Sugar is primarily stored in the liver as glucose. Since the liver’s capacity to store sugar in this form is limited, the liver begins to expand almost like a balloon with continuous daily sugar intake. After the liver’s capacity is full, excess glycogen (glucose) returns to the blood in the form of fatty acids (fats). The fatty acid compounds then reach different parts of the body and are stored as fat stores in the buttocks, abdomen, breasts and hips, because these are the most inactive parts of the body.

Consuming excess processed (refined) carbohydrates has the same effect on the body. Eating foods with refined white flour and other enriched products can cause the same physiological effects. Excessive consumption of pasta, rice, French fries, pretzels and other highly processed carbohydrates can lead to body fat storage.

Many people do not understand how eating excess pasta or rice can cause weight gain because these foods contain very little fat and calories. The secret is…it’s not so important how much fat or calories the food has. The real key is what biological effect the food has in the body.

When inactive parts of the body fill up with fat, eventually excess fatty acid deposits are deposited around major organ systems such as the heart and kidneys. This leads to degeneration of these organs and subsequently causes ill health. This can result in a poor immune response, poor circulation, high blood pressure and can even affect brain function.

High fake energy

Too much sugar gives a person a false sense of energy. When you eat sweet food, your energy goes up, but you only feel that your energy goes up. In reality, this false energy is actually stimulated by your body through the flight or fight response I talked about earlier. After this reaction wears off, your energy levels crash, as most people experience every day after eating a high-sugar meal.

Most children who have ADD can recover completely just by eliminating processed sugars from their diet. Children eat too many processed sugars. The behaviors and bodily responses these children experience are their nervous system’s flight or fight responses. All forms of processed sugars such as nutra sweet, cane juice, corn syrup, brown sugar, splenda, powdered sugar and others have the same effect on the body. The chemical structures of these compounds are very harmful to the body and should not be consumed frequently.

Fruit sugars are very healthy for you. The monosaccharides (simple sugars) in these natural foods are in a structure that benefits your cells. Fruit sugar has a much different effect on your body than processed sugar. Fruit sugars naturally nourish and give the body energy. This is real energy compared to the fake energy one gets from processed sugars. Your cells require the simple sugars in fruit all the time because they fuel the body with the best substances. Make sure you consistently eat lots of fruit daily. For better health, I would recommend eating 4 to 5 pieces of different fruits a day.

Real bitterness nutra sweet & sucralose (splenda tm)

What you are about to discover is information that has been known for some time by various healthcare organizations. Please take this information seriously as there are plans to hide this truth and use it against you.

Aspartame (nutra sweet) is actually worse than sugar. This technical name includes the following brands of sweeteners – (straight, nutra sweet, spoon and equal measure).

Keep in mind that these compounds are very powerful and can cause serious biological effects in your body. To say they are toxic is an understatement. The manufacturer of these compounds is aware of the dangers of consuming regular amounts of aspartame substances. As I said before, there is an agenda for adding these compounds to various products.

If you want to know the real agenda, research it yourself. I’m not one to try to prove anything to anyone. I encourage you to do your own research and see if you can prove what I am saying wrong. If you try to prove me wrong, you will prove me right.

Breakdown of aspartame

Aspartame is a volatile substance, which means that it breaks down very easily under normal storage conditions. Primarily, all aspartame compounds break down into methanol (alcohol), which is a known neurotoxin. Methanol then breaks down over time into formaldehyde, a highly reactive chemical that damages the body’s cells and genetics.

This process can cause a number of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Methyl alcohol, which is created from aspartame, is a thousand times stronger than the alcohol found in a normal alcoholic drink.

Reactions to aspartame products include the following: headaches, nausea, depression, fatigue, palpitations, slurred speech, difficulty breathing, memory loss, seizures, and even death. Consuming large amounts of aspartame can also increase your cravings for carbohydrates. I’ve explained before that eating a lot of empty carbs (refined flour, pasta, rice, chips) will lead to weight gain.

Primarily, the effects of aspartame’s chemicals in the body appear to alter key hormones, creating an imbalance in neurotransmitters and blocking other hormone precursors.

So why haven’t you heard about these dangers before? Let’s face it… the diet industry is a trillion dollar market for many organizations. They obviously don’t want this classified information to get out to the public, if you know what I mean.

Aspartame and children

Children like to consume sweets on a daily basis. Many of the foods these children eat contain aspartame sweeteners. I would advise all parents to rid their children of foods containing aspartame. These foods are not healthy for them. There are plenty of healthy alternatives for all the items they like.

Drop me a line and I’ll give you lots of info. Many children are diagnosed with ADD and other mood disorders. Many of these conditions are classified as hyperactive, behavioral problems, and more, when in reality these children are affected by the foods they eat. Look at a child’s normal daily food intake and you will find that they are eating too much sugar and things containing aspartame compounds and other chemicals.

This daily consumption of these sweeteners has a detrimental effect on their nervous system and therefore manifests as mood disorders and behavioral problems. Take away the sugar and these sweeteners from these babies and watch them improve.

Pregnant mothers and aspartame

If you or someone you know is pregnant, then I would say stay away from these dangerous sweeteners forever. Make sure you read the labels and consciously realize that the whole family will be cleaning from these products. It will help your whole family, I assure you.

If you are pregnant and consume aspartame foods, you will only harm the baby’s development. Doing so can cause neurological imbalances and further cellular damage. You are hurting yourself too. It’s not worth the price just to have your diet soda. Please educate yourself more on this topic because it can save your health and your baby’s health.

Products to stay away from

If you drink diet soda, then you are most likely consuming aspartame. Most diet sodas and many other drinks are sweetened with one of the sugar substitutes, aspartame. STAY AWAY FROM ALL PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN DIFFERENT FORMS OF ASPARTAME! These include aspartame, nutra sweet, splenda, spoon, straight. Read labels and throw out any items that contain these compounds. Take responsibility for your diet. If you decide to continue consuming aspartame after reading this chapter well, you will be the one to pay the consequences.

What do I use to sweeten drinks and food

Relax! I know you love sugar and don’t want to give up great food and drinks. You don’t have to. There are some great natural sugar alternatives that I feel taste better than sugar and the other toxic substances mentioned above.

You can use Stevia to sweeten drinks. Stevia is a natural herb that is actually hundreds of times sweeter than regular sugar. It contains no fat, carbohydrates or calories and is perfectly suitable for people with diabetes, low carb diets and people with candida and other parasitic diseases. Stevia does not cause spikes in blood sugar and has a nourishing effect on the body. It has been used in different cultures for centuries.

You can find stevia in any health food store in the dietary supplements section. There are 2 products: 1 is a liquid concentrate – I recommend it for sweetening drinks like teas and cocktails. The second is the ground version and is in powder form. I recommend it for foods like cereal or oatmeal.

Agave syrup is a great food product. You will definitely love this sweetener. It is a compound similar to honey, but it comes from a cactus plant in the desert. I believe it tastes better than honey and can be used in pancakes, cookies and to sweeten baked goods. Try it and see! You can find it in most health food stores. If they don’t have it, ask them to carry it.

Rice syrup is also a good alternative to sugar. It can be used in a variety of ways and has a pleasant taste.

Date paste is very sweet and can be added to pastries and pancakes, waffles and cookies.

Fruit juice concentrates can also be used to sweeten baked foods.

Barley malt syrup is another great alternative.

Honey – an old time favorite for many, can also be used in a variety of ways from sweetening drinks to sweetening baked goods. Use only organic varieties.

I’d say buy some of these sweeteners and see which one you like. All of them are healthy for daily consumption and you will feel the difference. You won’t miss regular sugar, trust me. Your body will thank you by eating natural sugars. If you want any recipes to use these sweeteners, let me know by email.

The Truth About Sweet-N-Low

There are many reports that Sweet-N-Low can be carcinogenic with frequent use. I remember hearing when I was a kid that it could be a harmful compound to the body. The truth is that Sweet-N-Low is not harmful to your body. The chemical structure of this substance has no harmful effects on your cells, as is the case with the sugar substitutes mentioned above.

I have stated before that the important thing about any compound is its chemical structure and its biological effects in the body. Sweet-N-Low has no negative effects once in the body. It is actually a good substitute for sugar.

So there you have it. Now you know the truth about sugar and sugar substitutes. Please use this information immediately.

You must learn to see through the veils of illusion to get to the truth!

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