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The Tiamat and the King [Chapters 1& 2 of Six Chapters]

The Short Tale/Book: Four

[The unfinished story–Last Tale of the Tiamat

Now completed after four years]

The Tiamat and the King

The Conclusion of the Tiamat Tales

It has been said: revenge is never the winner,

simply because it kills both the giver and the

receiver, but try and tell that to the Tiamat… Sinned, Resident of Yort

Please join me for another unsung tale, unsung in the wilds of far off times–in a world that searched for what it meant to be human; ruled by the inhuman: in the Last Tale of the Tiamat [approximately 6800 BC].

The Tiamat


The Commander of Yort

The Commander of Yort, Commander Snemelc (Sinned’s old friend from the Amazon War), who also had lost his son to the demigods of the wet-lands (England, Germany and parts of France–or Gaul; in years past) is still not a believer in any temple religions, to include Sinned’s god. But he has hired Sinned to teach at the academy of military warfare, for a while that at least, until the King orders him to become a prisoner in his own home; which I predict is not far off. Sinned is at present an old man.

Marduk and Satan returned from Pergamun, Avalon, Hydra, Stonehenge, and Egypt, where they were setting up, and building temples for themselves, mostly for Satan, the Adversary as he is also known (that is, having them built by the hands of slaves)–it is really Satan’s quest at this point–more so than Marduk’s to become the prominent figure on the world scene (although Marduk would like to remain the second main power on earth, he is unsure if he is really a prospect) even though he is wiggling in a few converts, he has more or less become a follower to Lucifer’s cause than a leader to his own, or so it seems, as once he was. Yet it would be unwise to say Marduk is not trying his best to build an empire of temple sites (while at the same time trying not to upset Satan), and in the process demolishing all the other demonic-beasts to include their temples, hence, eliminating the competition in the god-head area in the known world and especially at the great city of Yort, their home city, city of the world (in Asia Minor); –furthermore, becoming the one and only to be worshiped on earth besides Lucifer.

Satan tells Marduk that at this point: he has under estimated his enemy [Sinned, a man of God]: that he is acting out of emotion, not thinking–Sinned being that enemy, who has favor with God, who is also the enemy to the world of demigods, and renegade angels. Thus, Satan, adds to, telling Marduk, “I know Him well [Sinned’s God], and if he is for Sinned who can really be against him?” waiting for Marduk’s response. Marduk shows fear not only for the Sinned’s God but now for the first time–outright fears Lucifer; the alliance seems to be quivering. Yet the fearfulness of Sinned is in a more docile way, yet it carries its apprehensiveness nonetheless. For the most part, the dread seems to steam from the ability that Sinned can put him in the pit, almost at will; but than, so can Satan, and Satan knows this is a fear of his; consequently, Satan is trying to duplicate that fear

[The Tiamat’s Revenge] The Tiamat has waited for a long time at her end to get her revenge on Marduk, Marduk in particularly that is for it is he that she wants to settle some old scores with. She knows he has befriended the angelic renegade, called Lucifer [now Satan], but all the same, she will try to avenge the misdeed he has done to her (by killing her in battle and being cast down into the Underworld), and perhaps, just maybe, get a little help from Lucifer on the way, providing she can offer him a pleasing recipe for his quest, that is, for his pursuit to be accomplished without reservation. She knows Satan by reputation of deed, which of course is malice, her lifestyle. He is a being liken to her, a personality for revenge, if it can be had at a subtle price; for domination if it can be had without a curse, and worship, as long as it can be granted without any interference: all these are the traits that make up a good demigod, if not learned by the Angelic Renegades themselves–like Satan, and genetically imprinted in each demigod, for surely Satan himself is the prince of malice and cleverness, so much so, he could be her ally and teach her more than the old ones.

At this point, she (she: being the Tiamat (although the Tiamat is a s/he–a demonic hermaphrodite if you will) has given up her underworld crown and dictatorship to gain a spirit form of life in the upperworld. Hence, realizing she cannot have a physical body any longer this was her only way to gain entrance into the earths gravity belt (for she had her one and only chance to be likened to humans in the physical form and lost it by way of a fight with Marduk some years back) and now having lost it, revenge remains–un-quenched to this day. But by way of accepting her new form, and a ghostly form at that, and being the unquestionable Underworld’s absolute ruler, has now left her kingdom to roam the invisible earthly globe, hungry as a roaring vampire she is, with plans and ideas to stretch out her influence and quest over Marduk during this new journey of hers.

Although the demonic-beings can see her, the earthlings cannot. But it wasn’t the earthlings for the most part anyway that dominated her mind–her will. Yet, her agonizing bitterness, which twisted in her stomach, was craving for retribution from the one who inflicted pain upon her, caused her physical death. As for the humans, should they get into her way they would of course, face her might, her anger.

On another note, Sinned was never any help to her in the physical world, should he get in her way that could be very interesting, she pondered. On one hand, she liked him for some odd reason, on the other; she could eat him just as easily as she vomited up her father, now many years in the pas. But that was simply a fleeting thought racing through her head as she is now getting ready for her new expedition, mission of sorts. On the other hand, if she can avoid the old man Sinned, whom is (to her idea) too old to fart even, all the better: in thought, she told herself, ‘…why stir up trouble with him, especially before I gets my revenge on Marduk, it makes no sense, there is a time and place for that, should it come to that.’

And now, now that she was entering a new life, a new adventure, who would worship her, this was part of every demonic beings nature, yes oh yes, the need–indeed, the need to be worshiped, the fancy to be worshiped.

It was like mans nature to hide his real thoughts, to use language to simple talk, which was not the essence of the person, the part that he hid, that is what she had learned anyhow, what Satan worked with, what all demons knew of man. It didn’t matter what language you spoke, it was human nature, that was the language you had to understand; this, she felt, would take some thought, she really needed to re-invent herself, and work on getting a following, a few to follow her, worship her, that would just be a plus, Satan she knew was sewing up most of the worship areas in his favor, and Marduk, oh well, she thought, he will not need to be worshiped also but not with her plans in store for him would he have it for long. Plus, she had to simply get used to this new spirit form of life without touch, physical touch that is, and a lot of other non-sensory items built into her new body of sorts, or whitish configuration she had to float around in.

“Yes,” she moaned, “I have no smell, touch, no feeling of cold, wet or heat, all the things Marduk is subject to [has], who took them away from me.” Surely, life would not be the same should she take them from him she thought, but again, she told herself: ‘…first things first.’ She also knew more sooner than later, Sinned would get news of her transformation–and presence, she knew he’d adjust well, he always did in the past, and it would just be a matter of time for him to get involved somehow, someway with her life again. So in a way, time was of the essence; consequently the Tiamat’s way of thinking was, ‘People think time will heal past outcomes,’ and it may, but it also gives the enemy time to plan better. And this she had done. The question that begged an answer, or would beg one was: should Sinned appear on the scene, what then? she concluded: ‘What can I do in a physical world, where I’m like a ghost?’ (Only time would tell.)


(As the Tiamat had now joined the upperworld, several weeks had passed. She has now visited several locations on earth, gathering information here and there for her announcement that she was back.)

–Sinned, had heard the Tiamat had capabilities to materialize, and he was told he was given the gift of trans-vision at the same time, that is, he could see into both worlds should the Tiamat appear. Matter-of-fact, the day she was granted this new ‘self’, she had to make a deal, and part of it was Sinned would be granted this transparent vision to be able to see into both worlds within the first appearance of her on earth, meaning, if she materialized just once, just one time, in any location, he would at that point be given this trait. Moreover, during these several weeks she–the first weeks of her new voyage into earths atmosphere–she kept a low profile of her activities, and did not materialize for that very reason.

In addition, the Tiamat didn’t know for sure, one way or the other, if he [he: being Sinned] still held the capability of casting her into the pit, the Abyss (which was of course different then the underworld, more gruesome, and confining). The Abyss, or the pit, was where no beast or devil or demon, creature, and sure no human, wanted to go; where bones rot just because of the heat and smell. Where you continuously fall, fall and fall: –hanging onto roots, and ugly insects looking at you, grabbing at you, scaring you on and on and on–; where horror was the nature of things–and crimson round one-hundred-legged quarter size insects bite you night and day, with sad eyes that seemed to stick inside of their heads haunted you night and day; ah, I forgot, there is no day there, so it is just gloomy dark like night. And so life would be interesting for the Tiamat, as well as the world that awaited her. Yet, her secret appearance, or her debut, would be kept secret, secret that is until s/he had to appear (for she was of both sexes, as I have already mentioned; or sexless), as long as she didn’t expose herself to the physical world she could produce her plan better.

At this juncture, Sinned had told Serr’el (his holy angelic friend) he had no intentions of exposing her, as long as the demons kept their fighting among themselves. That is to say, exposing her to the world at large, thus, causing more fear to his city of Yort, which had enough fear within their bones and walls; Sinned had always felt it a privilege to do service for his city, yet it was a thankless task during his older years, or at least it had become that now.


Meeting with the Ram god

The Tiamat has now left the Underworld, and made her way to Yort, where she has met with the Ram-god, who Marduk has threaten to kill. As she materializes, she tells him about her new spirit-form, and what she has done to acquire this new freedom. At first the Ram-god is a little taken back by this, not knowing her abilities, if any at all; inasmuch as, she once was the Queen of the Seas and feared in all the lands of the world–that is, until Marduk came into the picture–and of course the Underworld that eventually became under her control, her legend proceeded her all the way to the Netherworld, she was not one to be trusted, nor overlooked either.

At this occasion, the Ram-god now explains about Lucifer’s new agenda, that is, on becoming the number one challenger to Marduk, yet they have not fought, or tried to eliminate one another; not a surprising step, the Ram-god feels, for each is using one another for the moment, yet the Ram-god indicates to the Tiamat, he feels this is because he is somewhat submissive to him [to Lucifer], and in need of his allegiance for the moment, which indeed he is.

The Ram-god also explains he is aware his days maybe numbered; in as much as, he knows he could very will be on his way to the underworld at any moment for the most part, when he is no more useful to Lucifer that is; meaning in essence, any day, any day depending on the mood of either Marduk, or again I say Satan.

Narrowly the Tiamat looks deep into the Ram’s eyes, knowing he is in need of a ally, and he could be, and she could meet that very need for him, fill that very want of his, so she says to the Ram-god (in a calm tender voice ((unlike hers: and as it has been written somewhere in history: beware of a women who speaks beautifully, she’s maneuvering waywardness.)): “…they may have plans for you already my friend, it is best we, you and I united, if not outright, silently and clearly.”

As well it must be, thought the Ram-god, and with more thinking: ‘…the Tiamat wants to make a deal with me (he concludes hesitantly in his mind’s eye), assuring me of something.’ He then asks: “What is it you want from me?”

Said she (with that infamous grin of hers, a jeer if you will): “…he will take you out [meaning: Marduk], and when he does you will have to go to the underworld; so it is a matter of time, but I have friends there in the Netherworld, I will instruct the Underworld to make you [the Ram-god] second in command, which is of course, second to my daughter. And when Marduk shows up, he will be the scorn of the Underworld, and under you.”

The Ram-god’s head now has shifted emotionally to the ground, staring, thinking–deep emotions going to and fro, throughout his huge cantankerous body which is wanting to argue, but no words coming out from his mind or out of his mouth; he ascends his eyes, his brow to her level, “And what…” he implies with a harsh voice.

Says the Tiamat to the Ram: “Hmmh…its better you give me help, and possibly give up your physical life on earth if need be, if called for, and be assured of a ruler-ship in the Underworld–better than, better than, not having a pack with me, and a future rule-ship elsewhere if not here: Lucifer is taking everything slowly anyhow. And by the way, it is also just a matter of time, not an ‘if’, but a ‘when,’ that Marduk or Satan will get rid of you, it will happen, that is, when the duel-twins [Marduk and Satan], come to you one night and kill you for your temple, as they have killed many before. And you will end up being a dog in the Underworld like the rest of the humans, demigods and creatures you have no idea ever existed. There are only three, only three in the Underworld with power of any kind, or maybe four, but Satan does not come down there (as many people think) but once in a great while, he can’t stand it, it smells too bad. And the three I mention are, me, my daughter Gwyllion, and the Mantic ore, and so it can be you and my daughter and the Mantic ore.”

After hearing all this the Ram-god makes the exchange, the demonic pack, a curse unto one another; should it be broken, a curse that will follow either one; now it is implemented, and both are allies.

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