My 2 Month Old Has A Cold In Her Eye Moiromma, Cibara & Ice Cap [Chapters 1 & 2, "The Cadaverous Planets"]

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Moiromma, Cibara & Ice Cap [Chapters 1 & 2, "The Cadaverous Planets"]


The Land of Moiromma

Part I

There’s an old saying that’s quite true:

‘If there’s a will, there’s a way,’ alas,

Make sure you make room for a way

back though.


The Asteroid-moon Ice Cap

Map of Moiromma

The storm broke, it had hurled the rumbling sounds of an arctic snowfall ten feet mounds all around the ice-castle, and in the village that surrounded the castle, called, Moira. The snow storm covered an area of some five-hundred miles.

The first door that opened in the castle was that of the king’s brother, Hluhtc, it was a windy chilly morning, and King Uhluhtc was still sleeping. On this planet-asteroid, some one hundred thousand miles from Moiromma–in an orbit around Moiromma, known as the Asteroid-moon, Ice Cap being its official name; thus, a monolithic storm was taking place, and King Sarsa was closing and locking his doors, in fear the storm would break all its hinges and collapse its foundations, most being underground. As always, Ice Cap got the storms off of Moiromma sooner or later, and so–although the storm was unusually heavy, it was not unusual to get what Moiromma had endured, thereafter.

As Hluhtc stepped outside onto the glacier like terrain putting a top-covering on and over his head and a heavy hide-and fur coat, he was much more handsome than his brother and the average Moirommalite, per se: being a slight smaller than his broad and taller brother that is. Consequently, he went down a ways to an open volcanic area where there was a warm thermo underground carroty smelling spring, and jumped in. It was how most Moirommalit’s washed, as they’d do once or twice a month. Letting their scabbing body absorb the warm spring water that played slightly on their blood flow, for it needed to be thickening but still occasionally that is, they warmed their thick and black blood up to insure their circulation was good. But had it been hot, or should someone be unconscious within the spring, the heat would kill them, for their blood was cold, and their skin was of a thin hide type, liken to antifreeze, or a wind-breaker protecting them like a thermostat, from over freezing. For the temperatures year round were below zero, and during their summers it occasionally reach 15F [above zero].

Prince Hluhtc of Moiromma

Hluhtc was the younger brother of the family of which he was also second in Command, should his brother die and disappear that is, he’d be the ruler. He was some four-hundred years old, compared to his older brother whom was over five-hundred years old. Plus he was good friends–more so than his brother–with King Sarsa, and his two daughters Lantis and Ata, both fraternal twins.

Hluhtc was close to eight feet tall, his brother about a half foot taller; a tad more slim than his brother also, a strong jawed person, and nicely shaped, and sharp teeth: good for battles. Some have said he was more intellectual than his brother, but his brother was more ruthless, and that proved to be right, and this outweigh who would be in command on Moiromma.

The Movement

–Both bothers had picked up a little refinement along life’s long journey but it didn’t come natural, it came by empirical data from P.H. Bradcraft: a doctor in medicine and science from Earth; in addition, an archeologist, geologist, and anthropologist. A man of much knowledge and worth his salt, one might add. He had spent twenty-years on Moiromma, assisting the king, as if he was Socrates, to Alexander the Great, or Plato.

The Movement was what it was called, that being, PHB, as he was called for short, was to help the king stabilize his planet of which most of the inhabitants had left in fear of disease and starvation, leaving behind a small contingent population, of around 10,000-inhabidents. For PHB, going to Moiromma was kind of a dumb-gimmick at first, but he never regretted it, let me explain:

one evening he and a certain mortal was talking about worldly things, planets, and so for and so on: actually I can tell you who it was, it was the great mind of the Moiromma people, Tfarcevol the Wise. In any case, they were talking, and Tfarcevol told him [while on earth] that he would not be considered a terrestrial being on his planet–rather a respected creature in essence, given high scientific esteem, should he venture to go there. And then told him about time travel–which amazed him of course, and about how he could die a hundred times and reappear, or resurrect himself that is, should he have his blood inside of him. For through his blood this system was built on.

Well, not thinking this could be tested under fire, he laughed at Tfarcevol; then, said Tfarcevol [exasperatingly, yet with a cheerful voice in spite of the professor’s qualms], “I can prove it to you, should you come to my planet and be an assist to my king?”

Such an undertaking was just too unbelievable for PHB, and he said with a chuckle [lugubriously], “Anytime my friend, anytime!”

To make a long story short, Tfarcevol died that night, committed suicide [as he would normally do to change planets], and ended back on his planet Moiromma. Also that evening, Tfarcevol found himself shivering as he was aimlessly walking on the surface of Moiromma; for when Tfarcevol died he had cast a spell, a strong Moiromma spell onto PHB, and that evening after Tfarcevol had died in his bed his, the spell commanded PHB to withdraw blood from Tfarcevol to his own body, thus PHB had cut the risks of Tfarcevol, and started drinking it…draining the body, instead of allowing it to disintegrate into ashes and then into mist.

The blood intake killed PHB, but he then ended up, soul and character on this Arctic-planet type disc, Moiromma, resurrected as Tfarcevol had planned. For Tfarcevol, within a matter of hours had gained his strength back; his body renewed its cadaver needed tissue and thickness, making it somewhat Moiromma again yet, leaving it somewhat human.

It should be noted, Tfarcevol was not completely Moiromma, and never kept on Moiromma all his life, human blood was part of his system, and he was as was Moiromma blood, and so, like many Moiromma, did not have one-hundred life chances, meaning, a Moiromma could have up to, or close to, or a few more than, one-hundred resurrections before a final death occurred. Thus, he was not all that much immune to things they were. But yes, he did carry the right genetic material for the mean time anyways. And the hospitality of a great man was given to him and now his sidekick PHB. And he helped create an underground library for the king, with what their world left behind, and it became a Solar System monument of knowledge: underground some five-thousand feet to where the crust was warmer and could support the likes of a library.

In this library he assembled some 25,000-languages around the galaxies; put them on discs, while on earth, sent them to Moiromma, Cibara and Ice Cap (all three planets that had Moiromma blood); writing down histories on all planetary systems he could find [of which was: 125,000-years]; even on Cibara, a small planet beyond the Asteroid-moon and throughout a number of Solar Systems beyond the Milky Way.

Cibara, was an small planet for the most part, and liken to Moiromma, it was also cold, again, similar Moiromma, but not small than, Ice Cap a moon of Moiromma’s; yet because of its orbit, at times it got closer to the warm sun, closer that is than Moiromma got, and therefore, absorbed more of its sun making warmth; making it more livable than Ice Cap, more livable than Moiromma, it was on one hand more habitual than Moiromma also, but so small, and demon possessed, it was the cursed planet.

On another point, history had taught the Moirommalit’s that the Kingdom of Ice Cap, would not allow any of their ships onto their world. The reason being, they never stopped fighting, and were always trying to figure out a way to destroy something, somewhere, somebody. The Moirommalit’s were known to be a killing race. It was said to be in their genes, but as Tfarcevol explained to the King, after learning the religions of earth, he came up with a more sold reason, demon possession, never thought of before. Hence, they were left unto themselves.

Moiromma Food


The Land of Moiromma

Part II

Arctic Surface of Moiromma

Cibara and Cibara-demon

Demon of Cibara

It was at this time, the time of the rulership of Uhluhtc the Great, the king of Moiromma, the time when earth’s doctor and scientist PHB, otherwise know as P.H. Bradcraft, a strange happening took place, came about. A spacecraft from Cibara landed a few miles from the king’s ice castle. And when it was searched all the seven men were dead. By reading its traveling log, and its time instruments, it came to light that the ship had been in outer-space for some ten-years.

As the king’s soldiers [several] tried to lift and pull the several bodies from the spacecraft the bodies became unaffected by the force–the pulling thrust of the soldiers, in essence, unmovable for the most part. In addition, the corpses did not smell, it was imagined, it was rotting from the inside but not the outer features, not as of yet anyway; the work of an ugly prodigy at best.

The Arms-men [king’s soldiers] were all astounded–and quickly went back to the king for advice on the matter. Thus, Tfarcevol the Wise simply waited to give his advice, pondering on the phenomenon and the observable facts. While out of curiosity, PHB could not hold himself back from curiosity, for he wanted to see, at first hand, and so the earth doctor and scientist, rushed to the scene, and examined the bodies, it was shortly thereafter he got ill from touching them as if they had an unseen or invisible leprosy. He had noticed during the examination, which he told the king and the prophet, Tfarcevol: there were no pupils in the eyes of the Cibara invaders, as they currently were being called–and the king was sensing the possibility it was a disease these bodies had, a germ if you will, which was sent by the leader of Cibara to exterminate them via, this ship, and these seven volunteers. Somewhat like a suicide mission.

The wizardry of Tig [Tfarcevol], allowed him to enter the ship consequently after the examination was done, unabated; at which time a dead heat radiated formed on their bodies, but again Tig cast a spell and was immune to it, it was as, as if the bodies did not want to be hampered with, as if it was a home to someone, or thing. But I repeat he now was immune to its hideous curse.

During this period of time one of the soldiers had to remove himself from the ship, he had gotten cacophonously; sick from the warming up of the bodies, he ran into the snowy outside to keep his deposits nice and cold so they wouldn’t explode from overheating. Nonetheless, the soldier did die within a matter of minutes, his blood had curled, had gotten too thin and thick again, too quick, his system could not make the adjustments quick enough.

–As Tig looked closer to one of the bodies he seen inside his pupil-less eyes, where something seemed to be floating in liquid, as in a liquid sea of sorts, and by George, to his astonishment, he saw demonic creatures, of some hideous nature, animalistic looking “…yes!” he said, unsurprised, “As I expected,” and then looked about: the King was standing down by the landing gear of the craft.

As the King came up, Tig quickly explained,

“Millenniums ago, what is called on earth, angelic renegades, gave a ride to some demon from earth, kind of like hitched a ride, as they would infer, to the planet Cibara, thus they got stranded there, and in looking for a home to live, they possessed the inhabitants. That is also why they are, as they are, constantly, aggressively–provoking. Demons are in their own right, supernatural adversaries to those on earth. The Cibaralites didn’t know this and still do not know this to this day, they think it is just part of their nature to be characteristically unpredictable, and riveting to all peoples. Many are underground and often wait for the trespasser, especially if it is human. They lurk about in dark places, like these bodies. They do like the forest, desert, water and mountains, they are as I indicated, indwelling spirits: they are in essence, skinless centaurs.”

The King was surprised Tig knew so much about these creatures and the lore behind them–which gave him thought, hoping they themselves were not possessed by them, unknowingly.

“What can be done?” asked Uhluhtc, the king.

“They are literally heartless, and virtually unstoppable, were it not for a few universal attributes they lack. They cannot reason, love or show compassion. Much similar to us, but we still have the light of the day in our souls.” Then the prophet told the king to stand back so as to be removed from any harm.

Tfarcevol knew it had been over 9000-years since the demon had landed on Cibara and as a result, had more than enough time to dominate it, as they had tried on earth, but religion had fostered there; whereas on Cibara, it had not (which made the big difference) although they did have a book called: “The Book of Crickets,” where it implied an angel was sent to give advise to one of their prophets–[the angel’s name being Crick’el], in regards to rules, and holy teachings, that it was sent by God Himself, and that who did not go along with the writings of the holy scriptures, were to be: condemned, killed, and dominated by the Cibara race. And the treasures that awaited them that gave their life in this pursuit were all the whores, alcohol, locoweed that heaven and hell could spare. It was a gift from God, for helping God out on this hideous, tedious task, this routine everyday selfish mortal, ungrateful task, he had to endure of his created species.

Yes, Tfarcevol knew many things, as with these so called demons, that they were a breed from the pre-Satanic era on earth, for then this [at this time] a being called Lucifer was king, until he lost rulership and it was passed on, only to regain it again, sometime down the road of life.

Now he looked deep into their eyes, it was the only body part not diseased inside. He looked over all seven men, all filled with evil spirits; all had demonic beings inside of them, each and everyone. Then with a spell and speed of his hands, he plucked out each and every eye before the demonic creatures knew what was happening: all fourteen eyes, and cast them in a glass crystal jar, and sealed it with a lid, a spell; but the spell was only good as long as he remained alive; assuring him a long life. Then again he waved his hands over the glass, and blew a breath over it also like waving a fly over it, and it became dark inside; he didn’t want to see them, as they cursed and bellowed his name; the eyes of the demon were now blackened. For now the screams of the demons came, their hissing and the battle cries were loud, but unheard.

The king then took the bodies from the craft, no longer incombustible by fire and destroyed them; as he did with the glass, sealing it in the vaults of the library for future time. Unfortunately, the Earth doctor died from his illness, his body not able to endure the sufferings, but before he died a heroes death to the Moirommalit’s; his last wish was completed by the kings men, to inform his earthly son of his death: Ambrose Austin Keats.

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